what is icenine?

Icenine is a completely new way of enjoying alcoholic drinks. It is a bite-sized icecube that is hollow inside and is filled with a cocktail or a shot. As alcohol has a lower freezing point than water, the inside of Icenine will stay liquid while the outside functions as a frozen ice container.

unique taste experience

Icenine is optimized for an unique tasting experience. Its measurements are carefully selected to combine a comfortable drinking process with an overwhelming taste experience. Based on the different taste layers classic drinks, such as a Magarita for example, can be realized as an Icenine sphere made of lemon water, filled with tequila and garnished by a pinch of salt. Enjoying this Icenine Margarita you will taste the fresh lemon water in combination with the salty shell, which is cleared by a strong-flavoured tequila after 5-10 seconds.




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